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Clip Is Complete!

2009-01-18 18:14:24 by chaos-warrior

Its not FULLY completed.
Its mainly just a part of the full game.
But I hope you guys enjoy what is put out!
Play Game

I would like to thank everyone who has supported my valentines entry made many months ago.
The animation has 10K + views, 1K + votes, and a 3.74/5.00 rating to boot.
I never expected for this little short to become so big with its front page back in valentines day, and in the collection its first day of release.
If you guys havent seen it yet, here it is.
<3 AVA

RUP Released

2008-08-09 15:26:20 by chaos-warrior

Rup part 1 is released.
Due to vacation purposes, all I could really make is the intro video.
I mean, in switzerland, your supposed to sight see and such, not work on animations.
But check it out.
Part 2 will come out sometime later.


Mac or PC?

2008-08-09 03:22:18 by chaos-warrior

Hey guys, me again.
I have been allowed to get either a Mac laptop, or a Vista laptop.
Since my computer broke a month or so ago, I have been using my parents work one, so they are sick of me using it. :P
So they have decided to get me either a Mac or Pc.
No suggestions for a home computer, because they are not willing to spend that much money.
Comments would be appreciated.

Olympics Are Crazy

2008-08-08 16:04:01 by chaos-warrior

I am still watching the opening ceremony, and I have to say, by the end of the Olympics, China will take over the world.
All that choreography, art, presentation, etc just show how much better China is that us.
For anyone who said China isnt developed enough before the Olympics, Im pretty sure they feel really damn stupid now.
Welcome, to Beijing 2008.


2008-08-06 15:04:35 by chaos-warrior

Hey guys, here to tell you that my new game T.E.S.T is out.
It will have updates frequently, including more questions, more animation, and any requests I get to add in the game.
Check it out.

Blockie 3

2008-05-07 21:30:06 by chaos-warrior

Its finally out, check it out.

Godfather short

2008-03-08 18:21:11 by chaos-warrior

Well, I am quite glad how this animation turned out.
My friends like it.
Other websites like it.
But for some odd reason, it seems to be getting some negativity on NG.
Well, I hope you enjoy it.
Check it out kplez.

Godfather short

I love you all

2008-02-12 19:39:03 by chaos-warrior

My latest animation <3 AVA has been FRONTPAGED and been VALENTINES COLLECTION'D!
Your all the best.
And the 3.60 score makes me even moar happy :D

<3 A valentines animation

2008-02-09 19:31:05 by chaos-warrior

Within half an hour, I get 200+ views, 200+ votes, a score of 3.40+ and an increase in my batting average!
You guys are epic.
Check out my latest animation thats getting some craze from me.
Just go to my submitions and check out <3 AVA.
<3 to you all.