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Godfather short

2008-03-08 18:21:11 by chaos-warrior

Well, I am quite glad how this animation turned out.
My friends like it.
Other websites like it.
But for some odd reason, it seems to be getting some negativity on NG.
Well, I hope you enjoy it.
Check it out kplez.

Godfather short


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2008-03-08 19:46:14

so when is it going to be done

chaos-warrior responds:

It is already...
You may want to look at my submitions.
: P


2008-03-09 13:59:49

I left a comment. But I don't honestly understand how it took you so long to do this.
The quality was bad. The background lacked a lot of detail and it was somewhat boring.

chaos-warrior responds:

It wasn't meant to be an action exciting movie, it was meant to be a drama short, but then I added a godfather aspect.