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Entry #11

Clip Is Complete!

2009-01-18 18:14:24 by chaos-warrior

Its not FULLY completed.
Its mainly just a part of the full game.
But I hope you guys enjoy what is put out!
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2009-01-18 19:47:51

the game is awesome
any ideas for the next parts?

chaos-warrior responds:

More weapons, more story telling, more interaction, and some game play improvements.


2009-01-19 02:07:23

the character name is my name, ALI

chaos-warrior responds:

Thats an awesome coincidence, now you can tell your buds you are in a flash game.


2009-02-05 16:50:43

I just got one question: any idea when the next part is gonna be ready, really wanna play it?!

chaos-warrior responds:

Who knows, my social life cuts into my life a LOT, but Ill see what I can do.


2009-06-13 17:13:39

God I hope this comes out soon >:C